Golf Buddy Voice GPS

The Golf Buddy Voice is golf’s first voice GPS.

Clip to just about anything!   With the push of a button it will tell you distances to front, middle and back of green.

This unique design is receiving great reviews from users who are looking for a simple design that will tell them distances and skip all the added features and functions of the more advanced golf GPS units.

It comes pre-loaded with 33,000 courses worldwide and is capable of adding up to 40,000 total courses.  Software will run on Mac too!

Customers like its simplicity and size convenience and the way it operates but since its debut back in 2012 I find mixed reviews now coming in that question the quality of the unit and the customer service if you have a problem.

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Golf Buddy Voice GPS RangefinderThe Golf Buddy Voice is the first voice GPS for golf introduced in May of 2012.

Its function is to give you basic distances that are spoken to you when a button is pushed.  Pretty cool!

Uses pleasant female voice to speak to you.  It is multi-lingual – 8 languages

Comes preloaded with 33,000 worldwide courses and you can upload for free additional courses up to a total of 40,000.

Easy to Use

One large button is pushed and you hear a reading of your distance. There is even a volume control.

Press a side button and you set it to tell you how far you hit your ball.

It’s made to clip on anything you want.  A hat, visor, shirt pocket, belt loop.  The clip is extremely strong.

Software you have to use to upload courses or updates is compatible with Mac Users.  This is really important because in my reviews I let you know if the software is not compatible!


GPS Functions

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Black and white screen

How to Find Courses

The Golf Buddy Voice GPS will automatically figure out what course you are on. Just turn it on and wait a minute.

There is also a website for Golf Buddy where you do your uploading of any additional courses. You can check their listings to see if your courses are there.

Measure Distances

Golf Buddy Voice gives you distances to front, middle and back of greens.

It can Record Distance between any two points by just pressing one button, play ball, walk to ball, press for shot distance.

You can set it to meters or yards

Dynamic Green Views

This means that it knows what side you are approaching from. The unit shows the shape of the green and rotates that shape depending on your approach. This is a feature that not all golf gps offer. Most can only be accurate if you approach from the front of the green. Handy feature, I think.

Auto hole recognition

View the video on Golf Buddy Voice


Product Specifications

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Product Specs Golf Buddy Voice
Unit Dimensions1.68" X 1.68" x 0.43
Display Mono LCD
Weight.99 oz. with batteries
Batterieslithium polymer battery
Battery Life8-9 hours
Buttons 5 buttons
GPS enabledyes
Multi-Lingual8 languages


What’s In The Box

  • Golf Buddy Voice GPSGolf Buddy Voice GPS PackageGolf Buddy Voice Accessories
  • Wall Charger
  • Data Cable
  • Silicon Case
  • Quick Start Manual

Battery & Charging

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Comes with enclosed rechargeable battery.

Battery life is about 8-9 hours.

Unit will show you battery life left.

Customers noted that they were able to make it 16 holes-18 holes. Most people recharge it after each round.

Golf Buddy Voice fits in palm of hand

Customer Reviews

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Update on what customers think about this unit now!

Back in 2012 only 34 people has purchased the Golf Buddy Voice when it first came out through Amazon.  Since then 355 people have bought it.

  • Simplicity and straightforward information
  • Big easy to read screen plus ability to speak yardages to you.
  • Handy size and clip on feature

Some issues that have come to light since it first came out are important to be aware of:


  • 90 day warranty -   other companies like Garmin and Bushnell have 1 year warranty.  Some people reported problems right after the warranty ran out or within a year of use.
  • Customer Service – There seems to be mixed opinions on the Customer Service is you have a problem with your unit after warranty.  Some reported horrible experiences of getting a hold of them and follow up by the company to help.  Others said it was a good experience.   On a personal note, I did a test call to Customer Service number on their website and got someone to answer right away.  How their service would be I couldn’t say.
  • Battery replacement -  One customer said that their battery went out after a year and was told no replacement available.

Keep in mind that this still has a good rating from customers and those without problem units love it and are real happy with their choice.   But these people did not experience a need – yet – to contact customer service about anything.

“The Golf Buddy Voice does exactly what it says. Yardage to the middle of the green. Great product, easy to use, pre-recorded courses…(read more here: Golf Buddy Voice GPS Review)”

“This is a great tool if you’re only interested in yardage…(read more here: Golf Buddy Voice GPS Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros:

Ease of Use and Durability

Handy small size with most functions done with large button

Clip it anywhere! Hat, belt, visor, pocket


product name consCons:

Buttons on side of unit were small to press – you had to look at them directly.

The main button to make it talk is much larger and you can just reach up to your hat and press it.

The Auto Hole recognition feature does not read the hole correctly sometimes when transitioning from one hole to next. You had to correct it.

The possibility that Customer Service is as lacking as some actual customers experienced.


The Golf Buddy Voice GPS Rangefinder has hit the market with good reviews.  It is great for someone who wants basic information on yardages distances.  Having the unit talk to you and tell you the yardages without having to look at it is a new concept that I’m sure other companies will follow on the bandwagon with.

Note: If you purchase this be sure to go to Golf Buddy website and make sure you download the latest firmware version.  This will give you all the courses up to date and any software updates.  Again, if you are a Mac user you’ll be happy to know their software is compatible unlike the Bushnell products.

Golf GPS GalGolf GPS Gal

Golf Buddy Voice Screen Shot

Check current pricing discounts:

Golf Buddy Voice GPS price

Golf Buddy Voice GPS Features Overview:

Features and Benefits
Golf Buddy Voice GPS
First voice golf GPS
Small size - Clip it anywhereGood strong clip
Pre-loaded with 33,000 courses No Fees
Course capacityup to 40,000 courses
Measure Shot Distancesyes, it tells you in a voice
Distance to Hazardsno
Dynamic Green ViewRotates the shape of green depending on your approach angle
Save Locations - mark course points of interest for future referenceno
Digital Scorecardno
Tracks stats (putts per round, green & fairways)no
Battery Life8-9 hours

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